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Style Practice: Left 4 Dead - Louis by SugarpuffZombie Style Practice: Left 4 Dead - Louis :iconsugarpuffzombie:SugarpuffZombie 2 2 Style Practice - Left 4 Dead OC 3/4 View by SugarpuffZombie Style Practice - Left 4 Dead OC 3/4 View :iconsugarpuffzombie:SugarpuffZombie 2 0 Left 4 Dead OC Character Reference Sheet by SugarpuffZombie Left 4 Dead OC Character Reference Sheet :iconsugarpuffzombie:SugarpuffZombie 1 0 Style Practice - Left 4 Dead OC Profile by SugarpuffZombie Style Practice - Left 4 Dead OC Profile :iconsugarpuffzombie:SugarpuffZombie 4 0 Style Practice - Left 4 Dead OC: Jennifer by SugarpuffZombie Style Practice - Left 4 Dead OC: Jennifer :iconsugarpuffzombie:SugarpuffZombie 4 2 Left 4 Dead - Zoey by SugarpuffZombie Left 4 Dead - Zoey :iconsugarpuffzombie:SugarpuffZombie 5 2


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Style Practice: Left 4 Dead - Louis
So, I just wanted to show you guys that I am still uploading :D I won't post every single drawing I do, but I will post my front view drawings of the survivors/special infected/common infected and then their lineart character sheets. I don't wanna reveal too much before I do this comic but we're probably looking at a while until I start actually drawing it. The writing process is going okay too. I'm on chapter 5 of the script but not even at the end of No Mercy yet, so it's keeping me busy.

Anyway, this is the first time I've drawn Louis, I'm really liking this style, so I'm going to try and keep at this with the others. That left eyebrow's supposed to be quirked but I know I need to work on this kind of thing anyway. I can't wait to share my front views of the others when I get round to drawing them and creating their basic colour palettes. It's all so exciting and it's making me really enthusiastic. Before I publish any chapters or anything I may let you guys see my versions of the campaign covers featuring my OC, Jennifer as well as other WIP stuff, but for now it's just gonna be little doodles like these. I don't know who I'll draw after Louis's character sheet is done, but I'm also going to keep working on Jennifer, getting a handle on her other two hairstyles, her outfit and her expressions.

So, enough of my rambling. I hope you like him. 

Left 4 Dead (c) Valve
Louis (c) Valve
Style Practice - Left 4 Dead OC 3/4 View
Hi, guys! Here's the coloured version of the 3/4 view of my Left 4 Dead OC Jen... This face wasn't an exact match to her front view... She's gone from being incensed to being sort of, "Are you really THAT stupid?!" That's her thing. She hates stupidity and if she considers someone's actions as stupid, she'll call them out on it. I'll make sure to practice doing better hair and stuff when I design the few hairstyles she'll have throughout my fan comic. Hope you like her!

Left 4 Dead (c) Valve. 
Jennifer (c) Me. 
Left 4 Dead OC Character Reference Sheet
Hi, guys! Here's my first character reference sheet for my Left 4 Dead OC Jennifer. I know her mouth doesn't look the same on the 3/4 view but I left it as it was because it made her look kind of disgusted, and I liked that. Don't worry, this isn't her normal expression, and once I've painted the 3/4 view, I'll be doing an expression chart for her, and probably a hairstyle chart as well. I think her usual hairstyle will be a lose braid since she is fighting zombies after all. You don't need all that long, thick hair in your face while you're trying to wrestle with a Hunter or a Smoker. 

Anyway, I hope you like these! I'll also be doing similar sheets for the eight Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 survivors, and also the special infected and maybe even some of the normal infected. Also, if you want me to do a full sheet with information about Jennifer and her personality, I'll see if I can get one done once I'm more comfortable with drawing body anatomy. 

Left 4 Dead (c) Valve
Jennifer (c) Me. 
Style Practice - Left 4 Dead OC Profile
Hi, guys! So, I'm creating a character reference sheet which includes front, side and 3/4 views of my OC. I'm still working on anatomy practice, so I'm not doing any more than her head at the moment. Once I've drawn her 3/4 view, I'll get to drawing the Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 survivors as well, which should be interesting... Anyway, I'm liking this style. I just need to work out how best to do her hair. Hair's something I'm finding difficult to do, but I'm going to be drawing Jennifer in particular with a few different styles. Like maybe with her hair down, her hair in a bun, a ponytail and even a braid. It depends on the situation really. I'll also probably be drawing Zoey and Rochelle with their hair down too at some point so it's all good practice. 

Anyway, I hope you like her. 

Left 4 Dead (c) Valve. 
Jennifer (c) Me. 
Style Practice - Left 4 Dead OC: Jennifer
Hey, guys! I'm back with the first look at my Left 4 Dead OC, Jennifer. She is the only OC I'll be drawing on this profile, so look out for more of her. This is only a concept, but I have to say I REALLY like her. The shading's a mess, I know, but I'm not looking for perfect shading right now. I just wanted to get a feel of how she looks. 

She's Zoey's adopted sister, younger by two months, and she's one of the angriest young women you could probably ever meet, however, she's loyal as a dog, she's a tough little cookie and she takes no crap from anyone, especially Francis ;) (Wink). Anyway, this is the OC for the fan comic I'm doing. I hope you like her. 

Left 4 Dead (c) Valve
Jennifer (c) Me

Future Plans

Thu Aug 24, 2017, 3:38 AM
Hi, everyone! 

I wanted to give my watchers an insight as to what to expect in the near future. For those few people that watch me, I'm so grateful to have your support, and I really do find it so healthy to remind myself that I do have support with my artwork, since I often find myself sinking into a hole where I can't help but wonder if there's any point in me pursuing my dreams in this. 

I have the most supportive boyfriend I could ever dream of having. I started to have doubts about this yesterday, and I told him how I wanted to have a career as an artist, whether that's through concept art for video games, or writing my own comics and graphic novels (which I'd love to do), and how I felt I wasn't capable of achieving it. He sat me down and he said, "Katherine, you're already good enough to start working towards what you want to do." He knows how critical I am of myself, and he would never give me praise if he didn't truly believe in me. He's encouraging and supportive, but he doesn't give unnecessary praise. He is honest with me. He started to make plans for me to be able to do this as a full-time thing in maybe five to ten years. He said that when we buy a house, I can have my own work space. He'll look for an IPS monitor that I can use so that I can work with accurate colour, he'll get me set up with multiple monitors so I can have an effective workspace, he'll even get me set up with a website to publish my original works on. 

He told me that he's going to support me in my artistic journey every step of the way. He gives me time to work on my drawing and encourages me to keep going when I feel like giving up. You guys do the same thing. Knowing that you guys so much as follow my work is enough, and I can't wait to produce some new stuff for you to look at, even if they're only sketches. 

So, after all that waffling, my plans for the future are to harness my skills and develop them through drawing fanart, whether that is through portraits, comics, landscapes or whatever I feel like doing. I'm currently writing a fan comic for Left 4 Dead. I've started to work on drawing the characters while trying to adapt to the style I'm more comfortable with. I want to use it as an opportunity to develop my skills in general drawing, and to develop my own, individual style as I'm still not quite there with deciding what that is. It's also an opportunity for me to learn how to use colour to indicate mood and to fit environments, how to use light effectively, how to use SFX in comic work effectively, and how to ensure that my storytelling abilities are up to par. 

I won't be pressuring myself to get things done within a time limit initially. I want to take things at my own pace rather than feeling pressured because feeling pressured is what has put me off of writing my fanfictions. I just don't want to feel like I'm confined to a deadline. I already have that feeling with my job. So, things will be pretty relaxed initially. I hope that you guys like the future work I do, and I hope to be sharing more and more of it with you as time progresses. 

Take care, and much loves!


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Hi, guys!

This profile is where all my fanart is going to be posted. I may share my original work profile with you guys at a later date, but fanart is the focus for now. I'm so excited to improve my skills and I'm practicing where I can. I live in the UK, I'm 24 years old, I live with my amazingly supportive boyfriend and my two gorgeous Bengal cats, and I spend most of the free time I have playing video games or drawing, so hopefully I can share some of my work with you guys too!

I've been around on Deviantart for a long time, but I decided to have a fresh start. So, I hope you enjoy my profile :D

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